Water-based wax emulsion special performance – polishing

2021-07-08   Pageview:662

OE-6301 is a polishing type wax emulsion, it will form a relatively transparent matte coating, the coating only has surfactant film-forming, so the film strength is poor, which can be improved by adding PU emulsion or acrylic emulsion. When polishing, the coating will become clear, shiny and oily due to external force and frictional heat generation. This style of finish has become popular in recent years when polishing shoe uppers.

Almost all wax products have polishing properties. The low molecular weight of the wax leads to a very easy melting under force and heat, creating a flat and shiny appearance. In conjunction with various polymer emulsions, the melting of the wax can often play a role in filling surface defects and making the coating easy to polish.

Of course the effect is good or bad and the performance of the wax material itself is related, it is generally believed that Fischer-Tropsch wax, carnauba wax and Montan wax are easier to polish, while soft wax and some tough hard waxes are not easy to polish, and the cooperation with various coating materials is more varied and almost covers our daily life.


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