4 characteristics of microcrystalline waxes

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Microcrystalline waxes are multimolecular mixtures consisting of several saturated hydrocarbon components. Unlike paraffin waxes, microcrystalline waxes contain more isomeric alkanes and cyclic alkanes with long branched chains.

Performance characteristics

1) it is a soft microcrystalline wax with moderate melting point and good oil absorption properties.

2) enhancing the thermal stability of the base material.

3) the addition of microcrystalline wax to paraffin wax can increase the ductility and toughness of paraffin wax.

4) The permeability of paraffin wax is not affected by adding a small amount of microcrystalline wax to it. Whereas usually the wax base becomes impermeable even when small amounts of other additives are added.












Heat resistance of coating film
To improve the flame retardancy of epoxy resin, epoxy resin is synthesized by pe wax ac 629 brominated bisphenol A. To improve the wire edge properties with bisphenol F synthetic epoxy resin.

To improve the weather resistance of epoxy resin, hydrogenated bisphenol A is used to synthesize epoxy resin.
To improve the reactivity of epoxy resin, bisphenol A epoxy resin is mixed with linear phenolic epoxy resin. Linear phenolic epoxy resin is a linear phenolic resin or linear cresol phenolic resin reacted with epichlorohydrin to obtain a softening point of 80~100℃ and an epoxy equivalent of 220~100℃. 100℃ and epoxy equivalent 220~250. When this epoxy resin is used with bisphenol A type epoxy resin, it increases the functionalities of the resin due to The increase of the functional degree of the resin, not only is the curing reaction speed of the resin fast, but also the cross-linking density is increased, so that the coating film heat resistance, solvent resistance, chemical resistance The heat resistance, solvent resistance and chemical resistance of the coating film are also enhanced. The varieties of this type are linear phenol formaldehyde epoxy resin and linear cresol formaldehyde epoxy resin.

These are mainly used for anti-corrosion powder coating, especially for the internal and external walls of pipelines. It is mainly used in anti-corrosion powder coatings, especially for heavy anti-corrosion coating of inside and outside walls of pipelines. The epoxy resins for powder coatings produced by HUNS T MAN (formerly Ciba), Shell Chemical l and other companies are mainly used in anti-corrosion powder coatings. The technical indexes and characteristics of epoxy resin for powder coating produced by Changshu Jiafa Chemical Co. The technical indexes and characteristics of epoxy resins produced by Dow Chemical Company are shown in Table 4-9. Technical indexes and characteristics of epoxy resin for powder coating from Guangzhou Hongchang Electronic Material Industry Co.
The type and specification of epoxy resin for powder coating of Korea Guodu (Kunshan) Chemical Co.


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