The application of carnauba wax

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The application of carnauba wax is wide, can be used in fruit coating, cosmetics etc. The carnauba wax produced by tianswax is hard, amorphous and shiny.

Carnauba wax is a kind of vegetable wax prepared by a complex process with plants as raw material, and its also an important non-petroleum wax. It is an excellent raw material for candles. The candles prepared with this burn smokeless, tasteless, non-toxic and in line with the modern green consumer trend.

Carnauba wax was initially used in floor waxes, and later expanded to copy paper, printer ribbons and various polishes for export to the world. Nowadays, it plays a role as an important functional material in the field of information recording, electronic components and various cutting-edge technologies.

 Carnauba wax application:
Cosmetics: with its high melting point and excellent gloss, humidity resistance and emulsification, it is widely used in hair wax, lipstick, powder and eyebrow pencil. Adding carnauba wax to products such as eyebrow pencils, mascara and eye shadow during the production process will not harden the products, will improve the elasticity and toughness of the cosmetics.

Gloss agent: Because of emulsification and good gloss, it is widely used in all kinds of polishes, such as car polish wax.

Foods: It has excellent effect of anti-humidity and anti-oxidation deterioration, and is used in the processing of Chinese and Western confectionery in the food industry.

Pharmaceutical: mainly in the form of 10% (v/v) water-based emulsion for sugar-coated tablet polishing. The polished tablets have good luster without wrinkling.

It can also be used in the form of powder to polish sugar-coated tablets.

It can also be used alone or in combination with hydroxypropyl cellulose, alginate/pectin-gelatin, acrylic resin, and stearyl alcohol for the preparation of slow-release solid formulations.


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