Physical index of BYK-963 wax powder

2021-12-08   Pageview:312

A BYK-963 wax additive for improving the defoaming of powder coatings on porous substrates

Chemical composition: micronized modified polyethylene wax

Typical physical and chemical data: The data given in this data sheet are only typical values, not the technical specifications of the product.

Melting point: 140 °C

Particle size distribution (laser diffraction, volume distribution): D50: 9 μm / D90: 24 μm

Storage and transport:

Temperature-sensitive and should be transported and stored below 50 °C.












When adding paint additives, the key point is to fully disperse (disperse to the required fineness) or dissolve. Pay attention to the high concentration of pre-dilution and the order of addition of incompatible additives during the addition process. Secondly, consider the coating configuration stage. Added convenience and security. These summarized addition methods and addition processes are used as a reference. Different products provided by different manufacturers still need to be added according to the properties and functions of the product. These can be obtained from the product technical manuals of each manufacturer for more detailed suggestions. Go into details.

Coating additives are used to solve paint, painting or film problems
The previous focus is to start with the formulation design. It is hoped that after fully understanding the elements of the coating formulation design, the formulation designer can select the appropriate additives in different coating production processes, and adopt the appropriate process and addition amount to add, so that the final The finished paint can be completed in one step to meet the purpose and task of the paint. As mentioned in the first section, there are many main factors that need to be considered when designing paint formulations, and there are contradictions between certain elements, especially when performance, versatility, and economic cost are encountered. History requires the formulation designer to make a choice.

Therefore, it is difficult to have a perfect formula that can take into account all considerations or meet all coating conditions, so that after the completion of the coating production, the coating product wood body, coating or film formation, it will produce Some shortcomings or shortcomings, for this reason, we can only add ways to remedy and solve these problems in the future.


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