Advantages of BYK-963 Wax Powder

2021-12-08   Pageview:487

Applications: Powder coatings

This additive is used to improve the defoaming of powder coatings on porous substrates, to reduce the formation of pinholes, shrinkage and air bubbles and to improve scratch resistance.

Recommended for:
BYK-963 can be used in polyester/TGIC/-HAA/epoxy functional groups of glycidyl esters, polyester/epoxy, polyurethane, acrylic and epoxy systems of powder coatings.













Adding additives afterwards to correct paint defects and meet other requirements of paint coating. If it is caused by the main components of the coating (resin, curing agent, thinner, and pigment filler), or pre-adjustment must be made from these components, it will not be expanded here. As for the dispersion, grinding and pulping of the coating , Additives applied and added in the paint mixing stage, I will not repeat the explanation here. Please refer to the previous chapters. The post-additive remedial measures for these coating defects and requirements can only be said to be a main and effective way. , But it is not an absolute. After all, the congenital deficiency of paint components wants to be overcome by the last supplementary additives alone, which can only play a superficial and temporary role, and when choosing specific types of additives, there is still a problem. Learn more about the defects and coating additives, otherwise it is easy to be in vain due to misjudgment and still unable to solve the problem. Here is an example of adhesion promoters.

When polypropylene (PP) plastic parts have adhesion problems, we will directly think of PP adhesion promoters. Hard len 14-LLB and PPB are economical and general-purpose PP additives. When these two adhesion promoters are used to dilute the primer, we will directly think of PP adhesion promoters. , And then apply the coating, after baking and curing, coating additives may be added to correct the coating defects

Oxidation drying paint is easy to crust on the surface during opening or painting process
Anti-skinning agent
Increase in viscosity
Oxidative drying and amino baking varnishes increase in viscosity after storage
Viscosity stability, gelation preventive agent
Easy to settle
When painting, the dilution viscosity is low, the metallic pigment or density is large, and the pigment and filler settle
Anti-wax prep, high thixotropy additives
The painted object sags after painting
Anti-sagging additives, high thixotropy additives
Poor substrate wetting and filling
Insufficient wetting of the porous substrate by the primer
Strong wetting wetting and dispersing agent
Air leads to the formation of bubbles in the process of dipping, roller coating and curtain coating


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