What is the difference between emulsified asphalt and modified asphalt?

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The biggest difference between emulsified asphalt and modified asphalt is that emulsified asphalt has water, and modified asphalt has no water. It can be used at room temperature, has good fluidity and is easy to use, which is the biggest advantage of emulsified asphalt. After the water evaporates, the bitumen in the emulsified bitumen re-aggregates, wraps the aggregate, and forms a stable pavement structure. Compared with ordinary modified asphalt, emulsified asphalt has the advantages of convenience and time saving in use and construction.

Emulsified bitumen is an emulsion in which a small droplet of bitumen is suspended in water. The continuous stage is water and the dispersing stage is bitumen. Asphalt exhibits solid-like properties at room temperature and liquid-like properties at elevated temperatures. Therefore, after dispersing asphalt into water, it can be used at room temperature, which is the biggest advantage of emulsified asphalt. The manufacturing process of emulsified asphalt is shown in the figure below. In a word, the asphalt heated into liquid is mixed with emulsifier, stabilizer, acid or alkali colloid to obtain emulsified asphalt, wax-modified asphalt binders manufacturer.

The density of asphalt is very close to that of water, so asphalt can be suspended in water. Emulsifier is a kind of surfactant, which is a series with soap and washing powder. The molecule of this product is hydrophilic at one end and lipophilic at the other end. Once mixed with asphalt and water, it will be adsorbed to the interface between asphalt and water, wrapping the asphalt clumps, and the hydrophilic end will be charged, making it stable after emulsification. Emulsified asphalt is essentially the same as milk, which is a small fat particle suspended in water surrounded by proteins.

Modified asphalt refers to an asphalt binder that is modified by adding modifiers such as rubber, resin, and polymer. Through the modifier, the asphalt is evenly distributed in the asphalt to form a special grid structure, which improves the anti-degradation and fission ability of asphalt molecules and prolongs the service life of the material.


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