Introduction of BYK-410 anti-settling agent

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Liquid rheology additive for solvent-borne and solvent-free coatings. When mixed into the system, the additive builds up pseudoplasticity. Thixotropic fluidity prevents settling and sagging. It is a liquid and can be easily added or post-added.

BYK®-410 is best suited for medium-polar systems and is not suitable for non-polar base systems containing aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbon solvents.













In order to obtain the best matting powder arrangement, gloss uniformity, and best hand feeling and scratch resistance in matt paint, in addition to matting powder, a wetting and dispersing agent that helps the matting powder to disperse is common in the formulation. , Modified polysiloxane that helps to moisturize and improve the arrangement of matting powder, and modified polysiloxane and wax (including wax powder and wax slurry) that provide excellent hand feeling and scratch resistance. These additives have mutually additive and synergistic effects to obtain the best matt paint film.

Addition method and process of coating additives
Coating additives can be roughly divided into powder, paste and liquid based on their appearance, and can be divided into a dissolved state and a dispersed state in the state of the coating. The additives, timing of addition and related matters mainly used in the production and preparation of coatings have been explained in Section 2, and will not be repeated here. The entire coating additives are summarized according to their appearance and state in the coating, and the method and time of adding these additives will be explained. At the same time, the adding process will be explained, the method and process of adding the coating additives

The appearance of additives in the paint
Add or grind the powder auxiliaries individually before grinding, and then stir the seeds and disperse equipment to grind and mix finely in the coating stage.
After the grinding points are evenly stirred, the degree can be adjusted to each degree.

Add people to the paint stage or component where the powder additives have the best solubility
Stir, disperse, dissolve evenly, and then disperse in slurry form
Add people in the grinding points to grind the color development system to make the pre-coagulated paste and add people to the paint mixing stage.
After grinding and mixing, use dispersing equipment to grind, disperse or disperse at high speed with commercial speed disperser

Add people to the components in the paint making stage where the additive has the best decomposability
Stir, disperse, and dissolve can be liquid
If this increase is low, the body score or honesty is too high, the anti-conformity is flat, and the polarity with the color system is quite different.


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