Ceridust 920F Polytetrafluoroethylene modified wax

2021-12-13   Pageview:643

Ceridust 920F is a polyethylene wax micronized wax modified with PTFE with an average particle size of 7 microns.

Due to the blend of strong polyethylene and smooth PTFE, Ceridust3920F provides excellent abrasion resistance and smoothness to improve handfeel properties.

Brand: Clariant
Model: 3920F
Density: 23
Acid value: <1mgKOH/g
Appearance: Super fine white powder
Drop point: about 125
Particle size: d00 about 6.0 microns, de0 about 9.5 microns
Effective substance content: 99.9 (%)













The mechanical pulverization of the resin In the powder coating manufacturing process, the resin and the other components of the coating must be melt-extruded and mixed, and then cooled, crushed and finely pulverized to reach the particle size required by the powder coating. This requires the resin to be at room temperature. It is easy to be crushed mechanically. All thermosetting powder coating resins and some thermoplastic powder coating resins can meet this condition; and some thermoplastic powder coating resins are relatively hard at room temperature, and cannot be mechanically crushed at room temperature, and must be frozen at low temperature. This kind of freezing pulverization process will increase the manufacturing cost of powder coatings and bring certain difficulties to the promotion and application. In order to avoid the difficulty of mechanical pulverization of thermoplastic resins, a considerable part of thermoplastic resins are manufactured by chemical methods in powdered resins.

Adhesion of resin to the coated object (workpiece)
The adhesion of the powder coating to the coated object (workpiece) mainly depends on the adhesion of the resin to the coated object. If the resin has good adhesion to the coated object, then there is no need to coat the primer; if the resin has poor adhesion to the coated object, then the primer must be painted to ensure the ability to look at the coated object. Because the thermosetting powder coating resin has a building group, it has good adhesion to metal and other substrates: However, most thermoplastic powder coating resins have no banding groups or polar groups with very low polarity. The adhesion of the coated object is weak.

The gratitude is not good. It needs to be modified with a resin with polar groups or coated with a primer to meet the requirements of focus. The electrical properties of the resin are in the polytetrafluoroethylene powder for sale coating method of powder coatings, and electrostatic powder spraying is the most important coating. Method, the charging performance of powder coatings is mainly determined by the resin in the composition of the powder coating. The electrostatic charging performance of the resin is of great significance to the coating efficiency of powder coatings during electrostatic spraying. In the electrostatic powder coating, the powder coating department After the particles are charged with static electricity under the action of the electric field, they will approach the coated object under the transport of wind, and will be attracted to the coated object by means of Coulomb force. The larger the Coulomb force, the better the electrostatic adsorption effect.


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