Features of Shell SX-105 in adhesives

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In adhesive applications, the features of SX-105 are:
1, It is directly synthesized by CO and H2 without any contamination and taste, and it is FDA approved and can be used directly in the food contact hot melt adhesive industry.
2, The product has low viscosity at high temperature, which can improve the fluidity of hot melt adhesive and enhance the wettability to the bonded surface.
3, SX-105 has a high freezing point, which can improve the heat resistance of hot melt adhesive.
4, Small needle penetration can improve the strength of hot melt adhesive.
5, The carbon distribution range is relatively narrow, the opening time is relatively small, and the fast drying property is good.
















Oxalamide compounds absorb short-wave ultraviolet velvet with a wavelength of 280~320nm, and form an intramolecular oxygen bond to convert excited state energy. At the same time, it has the functions of antioxidant and metal ionization agent. The three-sang compound absorbs the ultraviolet light of 280~380nm. Wide absorption of ultraviolet light, large number of adjacent super groups, strong absorption of ultraviolet light, different substitutions on the ring to improve its chemical resistance, light resistance and compatibility. The medicament compound has strong absorption in the short ultraviolet region of 290~320am wavelength, and its absorption coefficient is 30% higher than that of dimethanone.

It is an excellent absorber for Zhibo ultraviolet-sensitive film-forming materials.
The variety used in the powder coating before the mouth is the ultraviolet absorber UVT of Chaobei Laisi Chemical New Material Co., Ltd. The appearance is white to micro-colored powder wood, the content is more than 99%, and the melting range is 128-132℃. The relative density is 1.26, and the dosage is 0.1%~~0.5% of the total formula. It is dispersed by melt-extrusion mixing method. Guangzhou Tianlong Trading Co., Ltd.’s UV absorbers AS801 and AS810 can absorb a large amount of UV, and Chuan converts it into harmless Low-energy radiation, the hydrogen bond ring formed in the molecule absorbs photons, converts the radiant energy into heat and releases it, avoiding the damage of ultraviolet rays, and enhancing the weather resistance, color retention and freshness of the coating film. The dosage is 0.2% of the total formula ~0.3%, dispersed by melt-extrusion mixing method, Ciba Refinery’s UV absorbers include TIN UV IN 928 (benzodiazepine), TIN UV IN 328 (japanodiazepine), TINUVIN, TIN UV IN 405 (diazine), CHI MISS ORB 81 (benzophenone) and other models, hindered amine stabilizers include TINUVIN111FDL, TIN UV IN 144 and other models

When choosing a UV absorber, according to the requirements of the appearance and weather resistance of the coating film, choose a variety that can meet the requirements of the coating film performance. In order to obtain a powder coating with good weather resistance, it is necessary to add the UV absorber at the same time. Use antioxidants, the effect is better.

The plasticizer is to fill the gap between the adjacent polymer compound segments, increase the distance, weaken the mutual force, and reduce the tendency of embrittlement and segregation from rain. For plasticizers containing polar groups , Can interact with the polar groups of the commercial polymer wax, so that the force between the molecular segments of the polymer can be transferred and the glass transition temperature can be lowered. Adding a plasticizer can reduce the glass transition temperature of the polymer and enhance the flexibility, impact strength and elongation of the polymer. The plasticizer requires good compatibility with the resin; good chemical stability , Good temperature resistance, light resistance, water resistance and chemical resistance; good electrical insulation and flame retardancy: good wettability to pigments and materials, non-toxic, convenient price and abundant sources.


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