BASF Wax Powder A Series

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(A wax) is a standardized low density homogeneous BASF wax powder A polyethylene wax with a molecular weight of about 7000. It has an ideal melting point range and good thermal stability. It has a low thermal viscosity and good flowability; BASF Wax Powder A has good affinity with pigments, good wetting and dispersing effects, and is recommended for use in the masterbatch industry and as a lubricant for a wide range of plastic processing.

The series have A wax (Luwax A), Luwax AH1, Luwax AH6, Luwax AL3 and other products.

1, In the plastic system: improve the dispersion performance and processing performance of pigment and filler in the plastic system, improve the scratch resistance of the plastic surface.

2, In coating and ink system: dissolve 20-30% of A wax in mineral oil first, make wax paste by rapid cooling, then add 6-8% of wax paste into the already made coating and stir well.

3, It has strong versatility.

4, It is suitable for non-water-based system, anti-scratch, anti-abrasion, with matting effect.













Considering the industrialization and expanding application of powder coatings, the source of curing agent is abundant and the price is reasonable.

In thermosetting powder coatings, some resins with reactive groups are themselves curing agents. For example, in epoxy-polyester powder coatings, the polyester resin with a base is the curing agent for epoxy resins. Of course, epoxy resins are also curing agents. It can be regarded as a curing agent for polyester resin. In polyester acrylic powder coatings and epoxy propylene and powder coating systems, if one resin is regarded as a resin, the other resin can be regarded as a curing agent.

The function of the pigment cloth powder coating formulation is to color the coating film and produce a decorative effect. It is an indispensable component for colored powder coatings. The requirements for pigments for powder coatings are similar to those of formulation coatings and water-based coatings, but they are sufficient. There are also special requirements for other aspects due to the particularity of polytetrafluoroethylene powder ten-powder unpainted. Because only a part of the pigments used in solvent-based and water-based coatings can be used in powder coatings, the range of pigments that can be used in powder coatings is relatively narrow. The pigments used in powder coatings should meet the following conditions: (D pigments do not chemically react with resins, curing agents, fillers and additives during the manufacturing, storage, transportation and coating processes of powder coatings.

The pigment has good physical and chemical stability and is not affected by air, humidity, temperature and environment. After the powder coating is formed into a film, it is not easily affected by chemicals such as acids, alkalis, salts and solvents.

The important function of the pigment is to color the coating film. It requires strong tinting power and clearing power of the pigment, as well as strong quick-covering power. This will help reduce the amount of use in the formulation and can also reduce the cost of the coating.

The pigment should have good dispersibility in thermoplastic resin and thermosetting resin.
The light resistance, weather resistance and heat resistance of the material are good, especially the light resistance of the material used in weather resistant powder coatings is preferably 7~8 (level 8 is the best, level 1 is the worst), and the weather resistance is best to 4 ~5 (5 is the best. The velvet is the worst), because the baking temperature of general powder coatings is relatively high, above 150 ℃, most of them are at 180~200 ℃, so the heat resistance temperature of the pigment should reach the powder The baking curing temperature of the coating is higher or higher. Due to the limitation of this condition, the types of pigments that can be used in powder coatings are less than those used in solvent-based and water-based coatings.


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