The role of microcrystalline wax in rubber protection

2021-05-23   Pageview:1178

Rubber protective microcrystalline wax are widely used in tire industrial as physical antioxidants for the production of radial tires, bias tires, engineering tires and other rubber products.

The production and consumption of rubber products, such as tires, various tapes, transmission belts, seals, shock-absorbing rubber and safety products, has led to an increase in the consumption of rubber protective waxes.

With the rubber protection microcrystalline wax also has a good market prospects.

1, Lax in the water system to make wax lax or wax milk, used in the water-based system.

2, Make wax slurry in organic solution, and use it in solvent system.

3, Make micro powder with suitable particle size and add it directly to the ink.

Microcrystalline wax can effectively increase the smoothness of the brightness of the product. For PP, the glossiness of random copolymer is the best. For polyethylene wax, LDPE is the better. For PVC, suspension method is better. For PS, HIPS is the better.  In some industrials, synthetic paraffin wax will replace the Microcrystalline wax.


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