The difference between polyurea coatings and polyurethane coatings

2022-04-19   Pageview:421

Although polyureas have been incorporated into polyurethanes in some ways, there are still many differences in terms of their molecular structure. Compared with polyurethane coatings, polyurea coatings have superior properties. So is it possible for polyurea to replace polyurethane coatings?

The answer given by experts is no.
First, the molecular structures of polyureas and polyurethanes are very different. Although both contain isocyanates, polyurethanes are composed of isocyanates and hydroxyl groups, and polyureas are elastomers formed by the reaction of isocyanates and amino compounds. Polyurea can be divided into two-component spray type and one-component type, spray type polyurea can be divided into aromatic polyurea, aliphatic polyurea and polyaspartate polyurea.  which determines that there are some differences in application performance between them.

Second, as far as the coatings industry is concerned, both polyurea and polyurethane can be sprayed. But the biggest feature of polyurea is its fast curing, and it is mostly used in wear-resistant coatings. pe wax for powder coating from japan In addition, since polyurea is still in advanced applications, it is expensive and low-consumption for the entire Chinese market. According to experts, the consumption of polyurea coatings in my country is only 3 to 4 thousand tons.

In addition, experts also mentioned in the interview that polyurea coatings do not contain organic solvents, and their environmental performance is a major advantage of polyurethane coatings. In fact, polyurea coatings and polyurethane coatings belong to two different product categories. While there is some degree of overlap, there is no question of substitution or non-substitution.


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