Properties of Lubrizol R2063

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Metal adhesion promoter

Product Performance
2063 is a polyester-based phosphate ester that improves adhesion of oil and waterborne paints to metal substrates, including aluminum, cold-rolled steel and galvanized steel. 2063 can be widely used in coating systems.













Antibacterial agents are additives that make powder coating films have antibacterial properties. Antibacterial agents used in antibacterial powder coatings can be divided into two categories: dissolution type and contact type. Inorganic antibacterial agents with silver particles as the main body are representative of the contact type. Generally, organic antibacterial agents belong to the soluble type, which are the characteristics of these two types of antibacterial agents.

The carrier of the inorganic antibacterial agent is spherical particles made of porous zeolite and inorganic ion exchanger, and the surface layer of activated carbon is wrapped on the outside, and the antibacterial metal is adsorbed on the carrier. The order of antibacterial properties is cadmium<zinc<nickel<steel<lead<silver<mercury, and mercury has the strongest antimicrobial properties. Considering safety and antibacterial effects, silver is widely used. Table 2-31 lists representative silver-based inorganic antibacterial agents commercialized in Japan, and silver-based inorganic antibacterial agents have also been produced in China. Generally, materials with good heat resistance, such as zeolite, phosphoric acid, silica, and alumina, are used as silver carriers. A few days ago, powdered antibacterial agents are the mainstay, and this type of antibacterial agent has already existed in China, but it has not been widely promoted and applied because of price and other issues.

Metal powder bonding additives
A special additive regularly added to metal powder for powder coatings. KT7301 from Jietongda Chemical Co., Ltd. can effectively prevent the adhesion and agglomeration of powder particles during the bonding process, increase the temperature of the bonding process, and significantly improve the metal pigments and powders. The bonding performance of the particles can improve the flash effect of the silver glitter coating and the mirror effect of the mirror silver coating, effectively improve the heat resistance and salt spray resistance of the metallic effect coating, and can also significantly reduce the amount of metal powder in the powder coating , The dosage is 0.8%~1.5% of the total formula; there is also the bonding additive T-15 of Shanghai Suoshi Chemical Co., Ltd., the dosage is 0.3%~0.8% of the total formula.


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