PTFE micro powder-N06 anti-drip agent

2021-12-21   Pageview:245

Anti-dripping agent is a modified PTFE powder, added to the formulation of thermoplastics, to increase the melt strength and bending modulus, flame retardant anti-dripping effect, to help thermoplastic materials to achieve higher standards of flame retardant. Compared with general PTFE, it has good dispersibility and easy handling, no agglomeration at room temperature, no wrinkling in injection products, no crystal point in black and white products, and obvious improvement in surface gloss of products. Due to the good compatibility, the impact strength is less affected in the high impact formulation.

PTFE micro powder-N06 is a newly developed PTFE powder in our factory, the average molecular particle size D50 can reach nanometer level, easy to add. It is suitable for customers who have high requirements on product fineness.












Because the melting temperature of polyphenylene sulfide resin is very high, it cannot be produced by melt extrusion mixing method like polyethylene and other powder coatings. At present, it can only be produced by mixing resin, pigments, fillers and additives. Sulfide powder coating. Adding PTFE powder with a mass fraction of 10%-20% can reduce the surface friction resistance and make a non-stick and wear-resistant coating as needed. Its non-stickiness is equivalent to that of fluororesin. Due to the advantages of non-sticking to both liquid and solid materials, this type of material is also very suitable for the manufacture of food-related machinery and appliances. It is currently widely used in non-stick cookware and other cooking utensils. Its surface is clean and hygienic, corrosion-resistant, and non-sticky. Materials, etc. have significantly exceeded the similar products of stainless steel, showing the unique and excellent performance of polyphenylene sulfide composite materials. The performance of polyphenylene sulfide coatings with modified materials.

Polyphenylene sulfide has excellent heat resistance and corrosion resistance, and has good adhesion to steel, aluminum, cast iron, etc., because the surface can be combined with fillers or other polymer materials, such as polyvinyl fluoride, to make corrosion resistant Coatings, non-stick coatings and wear-resistant coatings, etc., are used for anti-corrosion under various harsh conditions. This powder coating can be applied according to the size of the workpiece to be coated. Air spraying or fluidized bed immersion can be used for coating. Painting, electrostatic powder spraying and flame spraying are used for painting. In order to ensure the quality of the coating, surface treatments such as rust removal and sandblasting are performed on the object to be coated before spraying to obtain a clean and suitable surface for painting. , Often use multiple spraying method construction, each time should not be too thick, preferably 0.04 ~ 0.05mm, try to ensure that the thickness of the coating film is uniform.

The curing of the coating film is generally carried out at 300~380℃. The commonly used conditions in actual operation are that the curing temperature is low for the first few times. As the number of coatings increases, the cycle temperature increases accordingly. After the last curing is completed, the quenching treatment is carried out to reduce The internal structure of the polymisulfide wall coating results in a smooth, semi-complete, and good cut coating. In the curing process, it is very important to control the curing temperature and time. The coating with excellent performance should be fully cross-linked and have good cut properties. When the curing temperature is high, the internal product of the polyphenylene sulfide coating will become brittle due to annealing; however, when the curing temperature is too high, the polyphenylene sulfide will be cross-linked in a wide range, and the cross-linking density will be too high. Make the coating brittle.


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