Application Of PE wax In Adhesives

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The application of PE wax in adhesives, the application of water-based wax in adhesives, and the mixing of wax emulsions and adhesives are mainly to improve the adhesive, cohesion, increase open time, low temperature resistance, etc. The effect is widely used in books, packaging, tapes, laminated paper, building materials, footwear, automobile interior and exterior wall decoration.

Application of wax emulsion in water-based adhesives:
1. The acid value of water-based tackifying resin is required to be 20-30, otherwise the acid value will cause system gelation. Low acid can also be used to dissolve in tackifier resin emulsions, and then added to solvents such as toluene, tackifier resins require a softening point between 70℃-90℃.

2. The water-based wax emulsion is stabilized under alkaline environmental conditions. If an acrylic emulsion is used, which has a strong acidic effect, the system must be adjusted to a weak alkaline state with ammonia before adding the PE emulsion. Otherwise, we will Gels will form and different particles will appear.

3. If an alkali thickener is used, it is recommended to dilute the thickener with water first and add it while stirring, otherwise particles will appear.

4. And VAE emulsion, pine tackifying resin emulsion, and complex have good stability, especially for packaging film (BOPP film, PE film) and water-based paper coating edge sealant system.

In addition to being used in the field of water-based sealants, wax emulsions are also widely used in the ink, coating, and textile industries to improve the water-proof and abrasion resistance of paint films. Sealing adhesives use wax emulsions to improve the viscosity of water-based adhesives. High adhesion and cohesion can be used in water-based adhesives to replace the main resin.


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