Applications of PTFE Micronized Fluoro GE 125

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Fluoro GE 125 can be used in aerospace, rail transportation, military and mining industries. The product can be used in silicone, ester, PAO oils and other industrial oils. Specific applications for this product include brake calipers, dry film, cable, wire and rope. Controlling the pH level of this product allows it to be used in pH sensitive applications such as corrosion inhibitors.












Polyvinyl chloride powder coatings for highway anticorrosion use. The technical indicators of PVC powder coatings specified in the standard JT/T600.3-2004 of the Ministry of Transport are shown in Table 3-13. The appearance quality shall be in accordance with the relevant regulations in JT/T600.1-2004. ; irpc pe wax Volatile content, particle size distribution and apparent density shall be carried out in accordance with the relevant regulations in JT/T600.2-2004. The technical indicators of PVC powder coating in JT/T600.32004 are shown in Table 3-14. The appearance quality of the coating shall be carried out in accordance with the relevant regulations of JT/T600.1-2004; the content of volatile matter, sieve residue and apparent density shall be The relevant regulations in JT/T600-2004 shall be carried out.
Polyvinyl chloride powder coatings have a wide range of uses, mainly used in protective barriers for highways, railways, airports, gardens, urban roads and construction plants, shelves and baskets for dishwashers, refrigerators and washing machines, and swimming pools. Metal products, parts of automobiles and farming tools, as well as outdoor products such as electrical products, metal products, toys, sports equipment, etc., are narrow in Yingzhou, and the amount is not large. Compared with polyethylene powder coating, the amount is very large. few,

Polyamide (nylon) powder coating
my country developed polyamide (nylon) thermal powder coatings in the 1960s, and the main product is nylon 1010 (melting point 207℃), which is a polyamide resin made from sesame oil as the starting material. Nylon 11 and nylon 12 are used. There are many types of resins for polyamide powder coatings, depending on its molecular structure, physical and mechanical properties of the coating film, and absorbency, etc., and its uses are also different. Various polyamide (nylon) resins For comparison of performance, see Tailor 3-15. Amine powder wood coatings have attracted people’s attention and are widely used for their unique wear resistance, physical and mechanical properties and durability. Amine powder coatings have the following advantages:

(1) The temperature between the melting overflow of the resin and the decomposition temperature is relatively large, and the coating adaptability of the powder coating is good. It can be coated by fluidized microphone dip coating, electrostatic powder spraying and flame spraying.
(2) The coating film has good properties such as impact resistance, tensile strength, flexibility and elongation.
(3) The static and dynamic friction coefficient of the coating film is small, the wear resistance is very good, and it has a lubricating function.
(4) The coating film is smooth, feels good, and has good processing properties.
(5) The coating film has better water resistance, salt water resistance, salt spray resistance and boiling water resistance.
(6) The coating film has good weather resistance and can withstand outdoor exposure for 7 years or artificial aging for 2000 hours.
(7) The powder coating and coating film are non-toxic and tasteless.


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