Principle of yarn evenness light source box (blackboard method)

2022-04-23   Pageview:455

DRK908H yarn evenness light source box (blackboard method) is used to evaluate the evenness of yarn blackboard and the total number of neps impurities.

Standards compliant:

GB/T9996.2 and other standards.





1. The sample table is made of imported special profiles, with light material and smooth surface;

2. The inner reflector of the instrument is processed by electrostatic spraying;

3. The lamp tube is easy to install and replace;

Technical parameter:

1. Light source: white fluorescent tube, 40w, illuminance 400lx (2 lamps);

2. Light source illumination angle: 21.2°;

3. Blackboard size: 250mm×220mm×2mm;

4. Rating table: 2 stations;

5. Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz, 80W;

6. Weight: 10kg;

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