Characteristics of PTFE micronized powder Fluoro GE 125

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Properties and functions
Good thickening properties
Increase the friction coefficient

Typical properties

Appearance: white odorless powder
Particle size(average):< 1 μm
Needle penetration of cone:255 – 275 1/10mm












Polyamide powder coatings have the following disadvantages:
(1) The powder coating has strong hygroscopicity and must be sealed and stored. It is not suitable for construction under humid and hot conditions.
(2) During electrostatic powder spraying, the voltage should not exceed 45kV, and the lotte pe wax air pressure should not be too high.
(3) The coating film is not resistant to strong acids and alkalis.
(4) The corner coverage and adhesion of the coating film are not good.

The coating film properties of polyamide powder coatings are shown in Table 3-16. If you want to obtain a low gloss coating film (60° gloss is 5%~50%), the powder sprayed workpiece should be in the air after the coating is melted and leveled. Cool down slowly; on the contrary, when you want to get a glossy and high-gloss coating film (60°gloss is 60%~90%), after the coating film is baked and leveled, it is quickly placed in warm water below 100°C for rapid cooling. Generally, it is immersed in liquid for cooling, but pressure spray cooling can also be used. Polyamide powder coating has good mechanical properties, wear resistance and lubrication properties, and can be used in agricultural equipment, textile machinery bearings, gears and printing rollers. Due to its good chemical resistance, it is also used in washing machine parts, alkaline battery covers for aviation machinery, valve shafts, etc. In addition, the coating film is non-toxic, tasteless and non-corrosive, and is used for equipment and utensils in food processing plants. Furthermore, the coating film has a good noise reduction effect, a good hand feel and a small heat transfer coefficient, and can be used for noise reduction components and vehicle steering wheels. In addition, it has applications in electrical insulation and heat resistance.


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