Sasol Wax SP-30

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SP-30 wax is a medium molecular weight synthetic spherical wax, consisting of regular spherical particles with narrow particle size distribution and uniform fineness, which can improve the smoothness and anti-scratch performance of the ink in gravure surface printing ink.

Main characteristics
1. appearance: white powder
2. melting point: 98℃ 3.
3. particle size: 8 microns
4. Addition amount: 0.5-3%

It can be used in any kind of ink to improve the anti-scrubbing property, spherical particles appearance degree in reducing the printing surface sliding friction, almost no effect on the gloss of the ink film, uniform fineness so that it can be dispersed with the pigment, can be added to the ink at room temperature in the form of dispersion or concentrated paste, can also be added directly to the mixing without solvent or heating.













1,2,5,6-tetrahydrobenzaldehyde (available butadiene Rickertt and (and Christop made with triglyceride, mannitol,, pentaerythritol with or by trimerization of 1,2,5,6-tetrahydrobenzaldehyde with acrolein addition) in the action of hydroxyl aldehyde condensation within catalyzed by p-toluenesulfonic acid, epoxidation was carried out to produce several intermediates obtained, which were then used in Peroxyacetic acid and anhydrous sodium acetate can be used in alicyclic epoxy resins for powder coatings. The raw materials, product yields, and epoxy values of synthetic intermediates of alicyclic epoxy resins made with 1,2,5,6-tetrahydrobenzaldehyde pe wax clariant are shown in Tables 4-13.

Powder coatings made with the above-mentioned alicyclic epoxy resins and poly(ethylene oxide) resins have better reactivity and weathering resistance In the powder coating formulations, the alicyclic epoxy resins are used as curing agents for polyester resins.

The varieties of alicyclic glycidyl ether type epoxy resins are mainly hydrogenated bisphenol A glycidyl ether abroad, low molecular weight products are liquid, high molecular weight products are solid, softening point can reach 95~105℃. In the preparation of alicyclic glycidyl ether epoxy resin, the alicyclic polymer of hydroxyl group is prepared first, and then reacted with epichlorohydrin, which is the method that can be used to prepare high molecular weight alicyclic glycidyl ether. Tanaka et al. of Shin Nippon Chemical Company used C2~30 straight chain or branched chain alicyclic polyol containing hexane structure to react with alicyclic glycidyl ether to form an alicyclic polymer polyol with terminal hydroxyl group. The polymer polyol is then reacted with epichlorohydrin to form a number of [average] molecular weight 400~10000, epoxy equivalent 100~5000.


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