Introduction of 9140 water-based waterproof wax emulsion

2021-12-11   Pageview:265

Chemical composition: modified paraffin wax
Technical parameters: Appearance: milky white emulsion
Solubility point: 52
PH: 9-11
Ionic properties: negative
Solid content: 45%















According to the statistical results of representative wax for powder coating manufacturers with annual sales of more than 3,000 in my country in 2012, the situation of Yangfenzang in powder coatings city is that powder coatings for building materials “including HVAC) account for up to 28.0%, followed by household appliances. Powder coatings accounted for 24.2, followed by general industrial powder coatings for 14.0%, furniture powder coatings for 14.0%, 3C product powder coatings for 8.1%, functional powder coatings for 6.4%, agricultural tools, engineering machinery and automobile powders Coatings: Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Turkey and the United Kingdom, etc., Asia’s China, South Korea, Japan, India, Thailand, etc. my country has already become the country with the largest output of thermally periodic powder coatings in the world. According to the PCI statistics of the American Powder Coatings Research Association in 2006, my country’s output is 40% of the world’s output.

With the development of UV powder coatings and the application in industrial production, the paper temperature of powder coatings has been truly realized, and powder coatings can be applied to heat-sensitive wood, plastic, paper, etc. (MDF) It has been widely used in Shangshi and has achieved good results. However, due to the cost and storage stability of powder coatings, it has not been widely promoted and applied. In recent years, medium-density board (MDF) uses ordinary low-temperature curing powder coatings, and a coating production line that uses a combination of mid-infrared heating and hot air circulation systems has been put into production, and it has achieved initial results in the furniture industry.

In addition, the low-molecular-weight epoxy compound PT 910 produced by V antico, the tetra methoxy met yl glycol uri l produced by Say an id in the United States, which has been developed for many years, and the fat provided by Shan DSM Curing agents such as ethylene oxide Urano x cannot be widely promoted and applied due to various cold meats, and their application is limited to a certain extent, and they cannot replace traditional agglomeration agents. The VAMP (ve due advanced tanu inc turing pro ress) supercritical fluid powder coating manufacturing method developed by the American Ferro company in 1995 has not been industrialized and widely used.


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