Sasolwax H1

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Brand: Sasolwax
Model: H1
Product characteristics: easy to disperse, increase the slipperiness, good suspension
Packing specification: 20KG/pack
Application: PVC, granules, plates, pipes, profiles and cable materials

Freezing point: 97
Dropping point: 112
Solubility in butanone : <0.1
Color: +22
Viscosity (135℃): 8
Needle penetration (25℃): 1
Needle penetration (65℃): 23
Flake odor: 1.0
Antioxidant: 50
Acid value: <0.1
Bromine value :0.1
Saponification: <0.5












The technical route for the preparation of alicyclic glycidyl ester epoxy resins is basically the same as that of glycidyl ether epoxy resins. It is possible to form glycidyl esters by reacting the corresponding alicyclic or acid anhydride with epichlorohydrin in the presence of a catalyst and closing the ring by adding alkali dehydrogen chloride. In the process of dehydrogen chloride, in order to make the reaction complete an excess must be added
hydrolysis. Therefore, the conditions of the reaction system are strictly controlled and technically difficult.

This will make the glycidyl ester easy to glycidyl ester type epoxy resin of the main pe wax distributors varieties of hexahydrophthalic acid glycidyl ester, there are already industrialized goods abroad, such as
Production cost is more win. Alicyclic Japan Mitsui’s R
540, Araldite PY 284 from Ciba-Geigy.

Powder coatings formulated with alicyclic glycidyl ester epoxy resin and polyester resin have good weather resistance; in addition to direct use, it can also be capped with glycidyl ester to polyester resin, turning into epoxy-based polyester. Even with aromatic glycidyl ester capped polyester resin, its weatherability is better than bisphenol A epoxy resin, for example, glycidyl isophthalate and end carboxyl polyester reaction to get glycidyl end polyester resin, acid value 1.6, epoxy equivalent 1930 with this epoxy resin and polyester resin formulated powder coatings, UV aging and coating film performance test, and with TGI C resin or HAA curing Polyester powder coating and bisphenol A epoxy powder coating comparison. The coating film performance in addition to the impact strength is slightly worse than bisphenol A epoxy powder coatings, weatherability is close to TGI C or HAA curing polyester powder coatings.


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