The Application Of Water-based Wax In The Ink Industry

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The application of water-based wax in the ink industry? Wax is a commonly used paint and ink auxiliaries. The main functions of water-based wax in ink coating include scratch resistance, anti-caking, improving water repellency, improving hand feeling, etc.
The most commonly used variety in solvent-based systems is micropowder wax. Its material types are generally polyene wax and polytetrafluoroene wax. The main functions are scratch resistance and abrasion resistance, and also improve hand feeling, anti-blocking, anti-sticking, waterproof and other characteristics. Another important type is solvent-based wax paste. The material types are generally amide wax, oxidized polyene wax and water-based wax. The main function of amide wax and oxidized polyene wax wax is to prevent sedimentation and sag. With equal rheological control, the main function of water-based wax slurry is the orientation of aluminum powder.

wax dispertions

In the waterborne coating system, waterborne wax as an additive mainly includes waterborne micronized wax in solid form and wax emulsion and waterborne wax dispersion in liquid form. The main advantage of water-based micropowder wax is that it does not contain emulsifier, which has no effect on the water resistance of the coating ink after film formation. Difference. The advantages of wax emulsions and wax dispersions are that they are easy to use, have many product specifications, and have a wide range of choices. The disadvantage is that the matching relationship with the ph value and ionicity of the water-based resin system should be fully considered, and the wax emulsion and wax dispersion should be considered. The shelf life of the body product and the high temperature and low temperature resistance of storage and transportation.

1. Water-based wax is used to provide anti-friction, anti-scratch, increase smoothness and gloss, improve feel and polish in products such as leather finishing agent, shoe wax water, and shoe cream.
2. Water-based wax is a textile softener and smoothing agent, which increases the wear resistance and tear resistance of the fabric, increases the lubricity during sewing, and increases the softness of the fabric feel, and can be used in printing pastes.​​
3. Water-based wax is a water-based adhesive that provides high melting point and good affinity for plastic films.
4. Water-based wax is a lubricant, peeling agent and sizing agent for paper coating.
5. Water-based wax is a water-based mold release agent, which can be used in metal die-casting and other fields.
6. Water-based wax is an organic modifier on the surface of matting powder, agriculture and other fields.

The many advantages of water-based wax determine its wide range of applications. Tianshi wax powder is dedicated to the precise application of wax additives and will serve customers better.


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