The applications of OPE wax

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1, It can be used as lubricant in PVC film, profile, pipe and plastic processing industry, which can improve the toughness of plastic products and make the surface smooth and flat, and improve the rate of finished products.

2, After emulsification, it can be used as auxiliaries: it can be used in the finishing of printing, dyeing and garment industries to improve the softness of fabrics; it can be used in the production of water-based ink and water-based shoe polish; it can be used in the production of fruit preservation coating; it can be used as mold release agent; it can be widely used in the production of moisture-proof cartons and various paper-making auxiliaries; meanwhile, it is a good emulsifier for dispersing rosin gum in the paper-making industry. It can play a unique sizing effect in some paper products with high sizing requirements.

3, It can improve the softening point of wax products, increase the strength of wax products so that the surface gloss is good, candles do not drip when lit, burn completely, bright and no black smoke.

4, It can be used in the production of various hot melt adhesives and glues.












Diol, can improve the reactivity of the hydroxyl group; due to the role of methyl to reduce the flexibility of polyester resin rigidity increased, the resin’s glass transition temperature (Tg), weatherability and pollution resistance is improved. If you increase the proportion of tertiary alcohol polyester resin reactivity, functionality and softening point increases, the crosslink density of the coating film can also be increased, ptfe in car wax but the leveling of the coating film becomes poor, gloss decreases, in the synthesis process is easy to produce resin gelling, the proportion of tertiary alcohol in the polyester resin synthesis formula can not be too much.

In order to make polyester resin containing a certain specified functional group, there can be a variety of ways, different functional groups of polyester resin synthesis methods are listed in Table 4-85.

From the resin synthesis equipment and process considerations, the synthesis of polyester resins have atmospheric pressure polycondensation method decompression polycondensation method and decompression polycondensation – depolymerization method. In the poly
The characteristics of the three synthetic processes in the synthesis of polyester resins are compared in Table 4-86. The process flow of the three polyester resin synthesis method is shown in Figure 4-9, Figure 4-10 is a schematic diagram of the general manufacturing equipment combination of polyester resin.


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