Powder coating catalyst b1530

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This product is an adduct of VESTANAT IPDI and is used as a cross-linking agent for hydroxylated saturated polyesters in weather-resistant polyurethane powder coatings. Caprolactam ensures the closure of the NCO group below about 170ºC. The product is supplied in pellet form.
















Aluminum tripolyphosphate, a new generation of pollution-free white antirust pigment (modified aluminum tripolyphosphate) developed and produced by Guangxi Research Institute of Chemical Industry, is an ideal replacement product for lead and chromium toxic antirust pigments.

Main component: aluminum dihydrogen tripolyphosphate (AlH: PsOr·2HzO)
Main anti-rust group: (PaO%)
Features: APW series of anti-rust pigments are new anti-rust pigments with aluminum tripolyphosphate as the main body and undergo special modification treatment and surface treatment to further improve the anti-rust performance. Due to the “dual anti-rust” mechanism of aluminum tripolyphosphate , The depolymerization reaction forms tripolyphosphate ion (PsO), which has stronger chelating power to Fe+ and various metal ions than phosphated PO], and forms an excellent Kaneka film on the surface of the coating. The corrosion of metal objects such as steel has a strong inhibitory effect.

The pigment can effectively replace traditional toxic anti-rust pigments such as red lead, zinc chrome yellow, etc., and is widely used in various primers and under-coatings. It has good affinity with varnishes and can be used with various pigments and fillers. It can also be used in combination with various anti-rust pigments to prepare various high-performance anti-corrosion coatings. It is suitable for solvent-based coatings such as phenolic resin, acid resin, epoxy resin, epoxy polyester resin and acrylic resin, as well as various water-soluble coatings. what is emulsion wax Resin coatings (such as highly adaptable waterborne epoxy ester dip coating, etc.).

①Modified aluminum tripolyphosphate APW-1 type and APW-2 type: their performance and scope of application are basically the same, and they are suitable for both oil-based paint and water-based paint. APW-1 type is mostly used for oil-based paint, APW-2 type is mostly used for water-based paint
②Aluminum tripolyphosphate (ATP): mainly used as a white anti-rust pigment, alkali metal silicate hardener, oxygen, amine and other alkaline gas deodorizing adsorbents, and solids such as cracking, dehydration, hydration, isomerization, etc. catalyst.


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