CERIDUST 9610F vs PEW-0674F

2021-04-24   Pageview:1321

Ceridust 9610 F is an additive offered by Clariant. Ceridust 9610 F is a slip and rub resistance additive especially for solvent and pasty printing ink systems.

PEW-0674F is offered by tianshiwax,  which  has uniform particle size and shape, very concentrated particle size range, and tidy molecular weight, easy to disperse. With very high hardness, and excellent abrasion resistance.

Technical Parameters

Ingredients Modified polyethylene wax Micronized PTFE modified PE Wax
Appearance White micronized powder White Powder
Particle Sizeμm Dv50 7.5 – 9.5 5-6
Particle Size μm Dv90 12
Melting Point ℃ 125 – 129 116
Additional amount 0.5 to 3%
Standard PFOA REACH compliant PFOA REACH compliant


Gravure inks Slip and rub resistance Abrasion resistance, anti-adhesion
Offset inks Slip and rub resistance Abrasion resistance, anti-adhesion
Wood coating Smooth surface Smoothness, scratch resistance, good transparency
Can coating Scratch resistance, slip Smoothness, scratch resistance, good transparency
Coil coating Scratch resistance, slip Temperature resistance, solvent resistance

Tianshiwax is the Asia largest and most professional waxes producer , we supply a broad line of specialty micronized waxes powders , including pe wax, pp wax, amide wax, ptfe wax etc. We are very familiar with most wax products. For printing inks application,  PEW-0674F  is a good alternative of CERIDUST 9610F. Feel free to contact our wax expert for TDS and MSDS.


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