The Role Of Wax Emulsion In Water-based Coatings

2024-04-09   Pageview:41

The role of wax emulsion in water-based coatings. Wax emulsion can effectively improve the surface properties of the coating film, including improving the smoothness and scratch resistance of the coating film, improving water resistance, changing the rheological properties of the coating, Matting agent.

wax dispertions

1. Anti-slip, anti-adhesion, and stain resistance: How the wax migrates to the surface in the coating film depends on the interaction between the wax and the coating, the drying form, the thickness of the film, the strength of the wax, the dispersion state, and the degree of wax dispersion. related to density.
2. Anti-friction and anti-scratch: Adding wax emulsion to the paint can greatly reduce the tendency of the paint film to be polished by friction, while maintaining low-gloss durability.
3. Matting effect: Wax emulsions of different particle sizes and varieties have greatly different matting effects, ranging from completely maintaining gloss to deep matting. The extinction intensity of the coating surface can be controlled by adding wax molecules of different particle sizes and amounts.
4. Feeling and visual effects: Wax additives can effectively improve the feel of the coating surface, giving the coating a good waxy and silky feel. The surface of the coating film will have a very unique visual effect, which is usually called waxy.

The particle size of water-based wax emulsion additives depends on the particle size. Generally speaking, small particle sizes can significantly improve gloss, while large particle sizes can significantly improve abrasion resistance. Therefore, whether it is construction or industrial coatings, the usage methods are similar, but industrial There will be some differences in art.


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