Introduction of adhesion promoter EP2325

2021-11-27   Pageview:299

Brand: Degussa
Model: EP2325
Product properties: Light, weathering and saponification resistance
Applications: metal, mineral and plastic substrates
Evonik Degussa adhesion promoter EP2325 improves the adhesion of coatings on harsh substrates and between layers of coatings as a system.













The effective ingredient content of this leveling agent is 10%~20%, and the effective ingredient content is different due to different manufacturers. A leveling agent dispersed with fumed silica or certain fillers is called a general leveling agent, which can be used in any variety of powder coatings, including polyurethane powder coatings and acrylic powder coatings. Generally, the effective ingredient content of a general-purpose leveling agent with vapor-phase silicon dioxide as a carrier is about 65%. Most of the leveling agents produced by foreign companies, Ningbo Nanhai Chemical Co., Ltd. GLP 588, Guangzhou Nanhai Resin Co., Ltd. FC-100, etc. belong to this type. The specifications of the leveling agent produced by Anhui Shenjian Chemical Co., Ltd. are shown in Table 25-2; the technical indicators of the general-purpose solid leveling agent.

General leveling agents do not have reactive groups. In order to make the leveling agents have the functions of reducing surface tension and improving the leveling properties of the coating film, they also have the functions of wetting and dispersing agent, cross-linking curing and brightening, etc., adding hydroxyl and carboxyl groups A group of acrylic or acrylate monomers are copolymerized with acrylate to obtain a multifunctional leveling agent. The GLP series leveling agent produced by Ningbo Nanhai Chemical Co., Ltd. belongs to this type, and the specifications of this leveling agent.

GLP series leveling agents have the following characteristics:
①It can reduce the voltage of high-voltage electrostatic powder spraying, and it can also be painted under the voltage of 20~30kV, which is suitable for the coating of electrostatic friction spray guns.
②) It has an antistatic effect and improves the powdering rate of the dead corner.
③Improve the gloss of the coating film by about 5% and act as a brightening agent.
④Improve the compatibility of powder coating composition. In most formulations, there is no need to add brightener (commonly known as 701 brightener).
⑤As the leveling agent participates in the cross-linking reaction, the chemical resistance and aging resistance of the powder coating are improved.


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