JONCRYL WAX 35 vs OE-6102

2021-04-25   Pageview:862

Joncryl Wax 35 is a widely spread wax emulsion used as an addition in aqueous infustrial and decorative coatings.

OE-6102 is a kind of wax emulsion which with properties of high gloss keeping effect and outstanding abrasion resistance effect, suitable to be used in water-based coating and inks.

Technical Parameters

Wax Properties Polyethylene Wax Emulsion PE Wax Emulsion
Appearance Semi-translucent emulsion Off- white emulsion
Ph 9.8 7-9
Solid content 34.50% 36%
Additional amount 1-3% 2-10%


Coating Mar and scuff resistance High gloss,abrasion resistance
Leather finishing Increase the feeling and brightness
Color paste Flatting effect,prevent the coating from stickiness

Tianshiwax is the largest and most professional producer for micronized waxes as well as a leading worldwide manufacturer and supplier of a broad line of specialty micronized wax powders in China, we are very familiar with most wax products for industrial usings. For printing inks application, wax emulsion OE-6102  is a very good choice.

Feel free to contact our wax expert for TDS and MSDS.


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