The role of emulsifier in food

2021-12-24   Pageview:363

Combine with starch to prevent aging and improve product texture; interact with protein to enhance the network structure of dough, strengthen gluten network, enhance toughness and resistance, make protein elastic and increase volume; improve the structure of crystalline material; stabilize air bubbles and inflation; reduce the surface tension of liquid and solid, make liquid spread rapidly to all surfaces, it is an effective lubricant; break emulsion and defoam; improve the emulsion stability. Emulsifier can stabilize the physical state of food, improve food organization, simplify and control the food processing process, improve flavor, taste, improve food quality, extend shelf life, widely used in baking, cold drinks, candy and other food industries.













Thermal bundle coating Anhui Institute of Chemical Research production of cyclamidine SPI is also a good curing agent for epoxy powder coatings, and epoxy resin phase release is good, the appearance of the coating film flatness, physical and mechanical properties are also very good, than with 2 methyl mimic called as a curing agent formed by the coating film color crystal yellow good. This powder coating can be low temperature curing [140 ℃ × (15 ~ 20) mm], but also high temperature short time (200 ℃ × 3min) curing, the amount of epoxy powder coating in the epoxy resin for 7% of the mass.

In the epoxy powder coating commonly used curing agent has 2-phenylimidazoline, appearance is light yellow crystalline powder, melting range 90 ~ 103 ℃. Containing 15%~22%, the content is pe wax h108 more than 98%, the amount of angle in the epoxy powder material

As the epoxy powder coating low temperature curing agent or high temperature fast curing agent then come to the amount of 6%-7% in the coating, mainly 140 ℃ X 20min, 160 ℃ X 10min, 200 ℃ x (3 ~ 5) min. this curing agent can be used as an epoxy polyester powder coating curing accelerator to use. In the epoxy-polyester powder coatings in the amount of polyester and epoxy resin total mass of 0.05% ~ 0.3%. This curing agent instead of 2-methylimidazole can overcome the epoxy powder coating in the baking curing process of the film yellowing problem. This curing agent is equivalent to the German Huls B 31 curing agent and some domestic manufacturers of F 31, H 31, D31, P3, HT-18 and other epoxy powder coating low or high temperature fast curing agent.


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