Use of sec-octylphenol polyoxy/ethylene ether (TX-10)

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Product Name: TX-10
Turbidity point ℃: ≥30
PH value: 6.0-7.0
Details: sec-octylphenol polyoxy/ethylene ether(TX-10)

Composition:This series is a series of sec-octylphenol polyoxyethylene ether condensed with epoxy/ethane in a certain ratio.

Property: It is colorless or brownish yellow liquid to paste, acid/alkali resistant, with good leveling, emulsifying, penetrating and washing properties. Use:Emulsifier, purifying and washing agent, dispersant.

Usage guide: It is an excellent emulsifier, can emulsify gasoline and diesel; mixed with other detergents, it can improve the oil removal power, especially for acidic and alkaline cleaning and oil removal before electroplating; used as leveling agent and dispersant in printing and dyeing industry, and has good emulsification and anti-static effect; used as corrosion inhibitor in battery industry.














5. ammonium polycarboxylate and cyclamidine polycarboxylate (anhydride) salt
Ammonium polycarboxylate is the most commonly used matting curing agent in epoxy powder coatings and epoxy-polyester powder coatings, which is an ammonium salt composed of polycarboxylic acid and organic amine. In addition, cyclamidine polycarboxylic acid (anhydride) organic salts can also be used as matting curing agents for epoxy and epoxy-polyester powder coatings. XG603-1A, XG603-1F, XG60-2A and XG603-5A matting curing agent produced by Ningbo Nanhai Chemical Co. The technical indexes of XG603-1A, XG603-1F, XG603-2A and XG603-5A matting curing agents can be referred to the auxiliary part of the pe wax importer powder coating composition in the previous chapter 2. XG603-1F and XG603-5A matting hardener curing epoxy powder coating formulations and coating film performance is shown in Table 4-26, SA187 (cyclamidine are tricarboxylic acid monosalt) matting hardener curing epoxy powder coating formulations and coating film performance is shown in Table 4-27.

Phenolic resins
Alcohol-soluble phenolic resins and linear phenolic resins can be used as curing agents for epoxy powder coatings. This resin can also be regarded as a kind of phenolic hydroxyl resin , alcohol-soluble phenolic resins are compatible with epoxy resins. In order to control the reactivity of the hydroxyl group, etherification is performed with propylene-based or butyl. This epoxy powder

The reaction mechanism of this epoxy powder coating is that the phenolic hydroxyl group of phenolic resin and the epoxy resin of epoxy resin.


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