How to choose ptfe powder?

2021-05-19   Pageview:849

PTFE powder, also known as low molecular weight PTFE white powder, or PTFE ultrafine powder, or PTFE wax, is a white micronized powder, which is a powder obtained from tetrafluoroethylene through telomerization reaction. It has excellent heat resistance, weather resistance, cold resistance, low friction, non-stickiness, chemical stability and electrical insulation properties.

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) ultrafine powder is a white, low-molecular-weight, free-flowing powder. Because of its -(-CF2-CF2-)n stable molecular structure, it has excellent chemical resistance, thermal stability, and high Weather resistance and aging resistance (more than ten years), UV resistance, high temperature resistance (long-term application temperature is around 260°C), wide operating temperature range (-200- +260°C), good non-stickiness, high electrical insulation (1017Ωcm), high flame retardancy, excellent self-lubricity.

PTFE powder can be used alone as a solid lubricant, or as an additive for plastics, rubber, coatings, inks, lubricating oil, grease, etc. When mixing with plastic or rubber, various typical powder processing methods, such as blending, can be used. The addition amount is 5-20%. Adding PTFE powder to the oil and grease can reduce the friction coefficient, as long as the percentage is added. A few, you can increase the life of the lubricating oil. The organic solvent dispersion can also be used as a release agent.

Can PTFE micropowder be used as an additive?

PTFE powder can improve the surface and volume properties of rubber. For example, adding 10% (mass fraction) of ultra-fine PTFE powder to silicone rubber, fluorine rubber, EPDM and polychloroprene can improve the main polymer. Friction performance, wear resistance and demolding behavior can improve the compressive strength of rubber without significantly damaging the elasticity of the rubber, thereby reducing the tearing phenomenon caused by the rubber during demolding.


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