The role of emulsifiers

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Emulsifier is able to improve the surface tension between the various constituent phases of the emulsion, so that it forms a uniform and stable dispersion system or emulsion of substances. Emulsifier is a surface active substance, the molecule has both hydrophilic and lipophilic groups, it gathers at the oil/water interface, which can reduce the interfacial tension and reduce the energy required to form an emulsion, thus improving the energy of the emulsion.

Amphiphilicity: all emulsifiers contain two functional groups in the molecule, hydrophilic and lipophilic groups, hydrophilic group can attract the water layer, lipophilic group can surround the oil layer.

Wettability: reduce the surface tension of liquid and solid, make the liquid spread quickly to all the surface, is an effective lubricant.













Imidazoles and cyclic amidines and imidazolines
Pupils and cyclamidine are heterocyclic compounds, which are good agents of epoxy resin.
It is also a curing accelerator. With this yang chemistry village round epoxy powder state coating: coated with good physical and mechanical properties, can Hua’s type. The most and the ring muscle class agent physical properties index see table 422. Hul company produces the product of the preservation of goods: pss of epoxy powder coating formula examples and coating properties see table 43 and table 424. taste only class can not only play the role of permeability, but also can play the role of estimating agent. Pure imidazole class rounding agent chemistry of epoxy coatings is not very good physical and mechanical properties, generally not used alone, in most cases with other curing agents used in conjunction.

Zhu Nang Mei curing and hydroxyl resin with the curing epoxy powder coating system, can be made 130 ℃ low temperature curing or high temperature time epoxy powder coating, this powder coating can be used in the pipeline corrosion protection. In the powder coating commonly used 2 A ball, the amount pe wax flash point in the epoxy powder coating for the total mass of epoxy resin 0.9% ~ 1.0%, curing conditions for 130C Ai 30mn, 160 ℃ × 20min, 180 ℃ × 10min, 200 ℃ × 5mi. Hus company’s cyclamidine curing agent B 65 and B68 belongs to the matting curing agent, it is a complex of cyclamidine and polycarboxylic acid. The main principle is the use of cyclamidine and polycarboxylic acid-shaped Wei complexes, the reaction rate of the two reactive groups in the curing is different, resulting in a poor miscibility between the two different products, the surface of the coating film produces uneven shrinkage or interpenetrating network to form a matting effect, the result can even get no light coating film.


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