Uses of TL-50501 Paraffin Wax Emulsion

2021-12-29   Pageview:557

1. Ideal waterproofing agent for water-based ink, water-based paint (metal paint, wood paint, plastic paint, etc.) and water-based coating, which can provide lotus-like water repellent effect. It is also effective in anti-friction, anti-scratch, and increasing gloss.

2. Waterproof finishing for textiles and can be applied in printing pastes.

3. Waterproofing agent and sizing agent for paper products, etc. Especially in the application of fruit bag paper.













The paint material for the ice technical index range, Xiao Ran, the root are user requirements out can steam Ran, the root sticky user requirements out can use more than this which amount of products, than
Under the epoxy tree, the varieties of epoxy resin are single, mainly by adjusting the acid value of polyurethane, softening point, chemical art standard to adjust the epoxy resin powder to paint infinity wax ptfe varieties and coating film performance.

The variety of epoxy resin in this amount of loading material than the domestic, can be adjusted by adjusting the technical index of epoxy resin M different performance requirements of epoxy polyester powder coating, for example, Gba company’s Ara die GT 6062 epoxy resin “softening 80 ~ 90 ℃) is suitable for good leveling epoxy polyester powder uncoating formulation; A rld it eGT 6063 epoxy resin (softening 90 ~ 97 ℃ ) is suitable for the preparation of epoxy-polyester powder coating with more polyester resin and good leveling: Araldite GT 605 epoxy resin (softening point 96~101℃) is suitable for the preparation of epoxy-polyester powder coating with good wettability and leveling of pigment, Araldite GT 6450 (softening point 91~94℃) is suitable for the preparation of epoxy-polyester powder coating with good leveling. The formulation of the epoxy-polyester powder coating.

In recent years, as the United States Dow (s) Chemical Company, Korea Guodu Chemical Company in China to build epoxy tree production plant, the use of Japan’s Dongdu Chemical Company technology, Guangzhou Hongchang Electronics Company to build epoxy resin production plant, the construction of the enterprise so that the epoxy resin for epoxy-polyester powder coating varieties have increased, the resin quality has also been significantly improved, so that China’s epoxy-polyester powder coating varieties are more abundant, the quality has also been improved.


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