Application of HY-2063 adhesion promoter

2021-11-30   Pageview:670

HY-2063 adhesion promoter is particularly suitable for coil systems.
1, HY-2063 improves the adhesion of paint films to various difficult-to-adhere metals such as aluminum, zinc, stainless steel and electroplated surfaces.
2, HY-2063 increases the ductility and impact resistance of the paint film.
3, HY-2063 does not change color when baked at high temperatures.














SA2069 matting curing agent is a product of Jietongda Chemical Co., Ltd., melting point 225~232℃, carboxyl equivalent 122~126, volatile content less than 0.5%, white powder, is a matting curing agent for polyester/HAA system, coating film It has good leveling and mechanical properties, and the gloss (60*) can reach 30%. When designing powder coating formulation, for polyester resin with acid value of 34mgKOH/g, it is better to follow polyester resin HAA (Primi dXL 552) IS A 2069=9511017.4 (mass ratio); for polyester resin with acid value of 20mgKOH/g , It is better to press polyester resin·HAA’SA 2069= Regarding the adjustment of the gloss of the coating film, control the polyester resin·HAA=95*5 or 96.53.5 (mass ratio), HAA:SA2069=1:1.53, adjust the dosage in the formula to achieve. In order to obtain satisfactory film performance, it is best to use SA 500 degassing agent, and the curing condition is 200℃/10min.

YH208 and YH218 matting curing agent
These two matting curing agents are products of Yanhuang Chemical Co., Ltd., among which YH208 matting curing agent is a transparent or nearly colorless solid particle with an epoxy equivalent of 500~560, a glass transition temperature of 65~70℃, and a volatile content of less than 1%. It is a matting curing agent for weather-resistant polyester powder wood coatings. Its matting principle belongs to physical and chemical reaction matting. It not only uses the difference of compatibility between its components and polyester resin, but also uses two different curing reaction rates in the system. The extinction effect of the complex interpenetrating network between systems. The matting curing agent has a good matting effect and can achieve a matt effect, and the resulting coating film has good leveling properties, mechanical properties and weather resistance. This matting curing agent is the same type of acrylic resin type matting curing agent as the XG665 matting curing agent introduced above. The curing condition is 200℃/15min,


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