Process and features of PE protective film cast, extrusion, blow molding 

2022-01-11   Pageview:796

PE protective film can be used in many processes, PE protective film molding methods are many, of which the three processes of calendering, extrusion and blow molding are more common.

Process principle comparison

1, Cast method of film formation, is produced by melt saliva quenching a non-stretching, non-directional flat extruded film. There is no obvious orientation structure.

2, Extrusion into the film, the common one-way stretch and two-way stretch method, where two-way stretch for the recent years quite concerned about the production method. The basic principle of bi-directional stretching technology is that the polymer raw material is first heated and extruded into a thick sheet through the extruder, and then in the appropriate temperature range above the glass transition temperature and below the melting point, the stretching machine successively along the longitudinal and transverse direction for a certain number of times of stretching, so that the molecular chain in the plane parallel to the film orientation and orderly arrangement, and then in the tension state for heat setting, so that the orientation of the macromolecular structure fixed, and finally by cooling and subsequent processing into a film. Finally, the film is formed by cooling and subsequent treatment.

3, Blow molding method into film, usually extrusion blow molding method manufacturing, material plasticization extrusion, forming a billet blow molding, and then cooling, traction, winding. Blown film is oriented.

From the above three processes molding is different, resulting in significantly different conductivity of the film; at the same time stretch film compared to unstretched film barrier performance, permeability to gases and other permeability is reduced, optical properties, transparency and surface gloss, size temperature sex good, thickness uniformity performance. PE cast film has superior heat sealing properties and excellent transparency, is one of the main packaging composite substrates for It is one of the main packaging composite substrates, used to produce high-temperature cooking film, vacuum aluminizing film, etc. The market is extremely promising. Tianshi polyethylene wax products can improve the fluidity and dispersion of cast film processing, welcome to inquiry!


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