Applications of LB-7935 Wax Emulsion

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Water-based varnish, water-based buffing oil, water-based overlay oil, etc.
Leather finishing agent.
Textile printing paste.
Water-based wood paint, water-based emulsion paint, water-based ink.
Water-based adhesives, water-based release agents, other water-based coatings, etc.

1, It is recommended to be added in the latter part of the coating production, such as in the first part of the preparation process. Attention must be paid to the dispersion effect and the influence on viscosity.
2, The recommended addition amount is 3-8% of water-based coatings
3, Can be added to water soluble resins, water emulsifiable resins or water based pigment pastes.














When producing powder coatings and coating powder coatings, we must pay attention to the interference between the two leveling agent systems. This interference is mainly due to the poor compatibility of the two systems, which makes the coating film prone to shrinkage.

Solutia’s leveling agents for powder coatings include Moda flow Powder Ⅲ, Moda flow Powder 2000 and Moda flow Powder 6000. They have a good leveling effect in all thermosetting powder coatings. This leveling agent is in liquid form. The fumed silica is used to absorb into a powdery substance. The technical indicators of the leveling agent are shown in Table 2-20. Moda flowPowder Ⅲ has a more obvious effect on eliminating shrinkage, pinholes and improving leveling in epoxy powder coatings; Moda flowPowder 2000 has a better effect on improving orange lines and eliminating shrinkage in polyester powder coatings. These The application effect of leveling agent in different powder coatings is shown in Table 2-21. The effect of leveling agent Moda flow PowderⅢ and Moda flow Powder 2000 on the reduction of shrinkage of epoxy-polyester powder coating film is shown in Figure 2-3; The effect of DOI) is shown in Figure 2-4; the effect of leveling agent on the shrinkage reduction of polyester-TGI C powder coating film; the effect of leveling agent on the distinctive image of polyester-TGI C powder coating film. Commonly used leveling agents in powder coatings include acrylate homopolymers, acrylates and their polymers, and their organic silicon modifications.

The molecular weight of these polymers is low, and their compatibility with the resin in wax for powder coatings-EZ ex is limited. Their surface tension is small, and the gas molecules adsorbed on the surface of the substrate ooze out from the resin to the surface. Wetting the paint and the object to be coated, while also reducing the surface tension of the molten coating, making the powder coating easy to level. The effect of the 19L amount of acrylate homopolymer leveling agent on the surface tension of the epoxy powder coating.

The siloxane-modified acrylate polymer leveling agent is also the same as the powder. Figure 2-7 The amount of acrylate homopolymer leveling agent is limited to the miscibility of the resin in the final coating. The effect of long-chain silicone resin

The effect of the surface tension of epoxy powder coating is to form a very thin monomolecular layer on the surface of the molten coating, making the surface stretch

The force is uniform, forming a smooth and uniform coating film on the surface. The leveling agent of Wor lee-Chemie is used in some domestic units. The company’s powder coatings use leveling and specifications.


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