Clariant 3620 Polyethylene Wax

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Clariant Wax Powder 3620

Product features: surface properties such as anti-wear, anti-scratch, anti-stick, and increased slip

Packing specification: 20kg/bag

Application: Printing Inks

Smooth hand feel, high cost performance

Product Description of Clariant Wax Powder 3620:

Brand: Clariant

Model: Clariant 3620

Composition: Micronized HDPE Wax

Appearance: White ultra-fine powder with smooth hand

Clariant wax powder 3620 is generally 1~2% of the total ink volume. It can be added in the final stage of ink production and dispersed evenly by the commonly used dispersing device in ink production. However, care should be taken not to further reduce the fineness of the wax and not to heat more than 70°C during the dispersion process.

In order to avoid the deformation of wax particles and recrystallization after cooling, it will lead to agglomeration and affect its performance.

Clariant wax powder 3620 is a microcrystalline, colorless, odorless, high-density polyethylene wax with an average particle size of about microns. Due to the toughness of polyethylene and its suitable particle size distribution, Ceridust Clariant wax powder 3620 can make paste Solid and liquid inks have excellent abrasion resistance and anti-blocking properties, and can be widely used in solvent-based flat, gravure and offset printing and composite printing inks.

Good dispersion and friction resistance

Features of Clariant Wax Powder 3620:

It provides excellent surface properties such as anti-wear, anti-scratch, anti-sticking, and increased smoothness for the ink, so as to avoid the friction between the papers and the abrasion of the ink surface during the high-speed printing process, which will affect the printing effect. It can also prevent the upper and lower sheets from sticking together, and eliminate the phenomenon that the ink film is easy to fall off the shaft during high-speed printing. It can be directly added to the ink, which is convenient to use and reduces the cost.

Applications of Clariant Wax Powder 3620:

Clariant Wax 3620 is easily dispersible and is generally added to printing inks at the end of the production process. In the production of solid ink, the additives need to be stirred in a high-speed agitator (dissolver) first, and then dispersed uniformly by a three-roller press. For liquid inks, agitators with high shear forces such as dissolvers or sand mills can be used. The specific amount of addition depends on the system and formula used, and is generally based on the total formula. Before adding to the printing ink, it is best to wet the 3620 with a solvent or mixed solution.

The amount of Clariant Wax 3620 can be used up to 30% for liquid dispersions and 50% for solids (pastes). For additional grinding, it should be noted that during the dispersion process, heating should not exceed 70 ℃, so as to avoid the deformation of the wax particles and the recrystallization after cooling, which will lead to agglomeration and affect its performance.


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