Montan wax vs Polyester wax

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Montan wax vs Polyester wax details:

Montan wax
As montan wax is a fossilized plant wax with high melting point, high hardness, good strength glossiness and excellent electrical insulation. It has been an indispensable and important chemical product for all wax sectors.

As a natural resource, montan wax is relatively scarce in China. Yunnan lignite is extremely rich in resources, and Xundian, Qujing and Zhaotong lignite are all high quality resources for producing
Lignite wax is a high quality resource.

Due to the shortage of Montan wax, the research and development of synthetic polyester wax came into being.

Synthetic polyester wax
There are C22-C32 wax acid, wax alcohol and fat, resin and ground asphalt. It can combine with paraffin, stearic acid, beeswax, rosin and ground wax to form a stable compound and increase the melting point.
It has good stability to acid and other chemical solvents, high gloss, strong resistance to moisture, bottom conductivity, high mechanical strength, and easily soluble in many organic solvents.

Synthetic polyester wax has become a new and effective substitute for montan wax and is widely used in the following fields.
1, As dispersant and pigment covering carrier in color masterbatches
2, As internal and external lubricant in PVC, especially suitable for PVC profile and PVC stabilizer
3, Modified engineering plastics, can be used as mold release agent and lubricant, widely used in PC, PA, PC/ABS, PET, PS, POM, PP and other engineering plastic grease, high compatibility and excellent thermal stability
4, Cosmetic wax, in line with a variety of food regulations.

After customer’s trial study, it shows that synthetic polyester wax has better price and more stable supply compared with Montan wax.


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