Selection of high temperature grease

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A logical starting point for selecting a high temperature grease is to consider the nature of the temperature and the reasons for product degradation that are relevant to wherever you will be using it. The temperature range at which it will be used is a factor to consider when shopping for grease. Grease has a certain temperature range, and the temperature range varies from grease to grease.

The components of grease are base oil, thickener and additives, and the temperature of grease is also related to these three components. The maximum use temperature of grease: grease has an indicator is the dropping point (dropping point), but the dropping point is not equal to the maximum use temperature, the maximum use temperature of grease is generally lower than the dropping point 30 ℃ to 50 ℃, do not use over temperature, especially the high temperature for a period of time. More than the drop point of grease even if cooled down, the performance has been destroyed, should not be used.

The performance of grease under high temperature lubricating oil over-temperature use of direct harm is to accelerate the oxidation of deterioration, and generate acidic substances, it is worth noting that if the lubrication point appears local high temperature, will also cause the oxidation of grease deterioration, and gradually spread out. Local high temperature may be caused by poor bearing installation, or it may be caused by too much or not enough grease, wrong oil selection, vibration, excessive load and other problems.

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