How is wood wax oil made? What wax is used for wood wax oil?

2022-03-09   Pageview:632

Wood wax oil is a solvent-based wood paint refined using vegetable oils, vegetable resins and selected high-quality waxes. In the past, wood wax oil mostly used beeswax. Beeswax is a kind of natural wax. It is also used in cosmetics and medicines, and the price is relatively high. Moreover, the texture of beeswax is relatively soft, the hardness after film formation is not high, and the weather resistance is poor. Now consumers have certain requirements for the hardness of the wax film of wood wax oil after drying, so beeswax is gradually replaced by palm wax with higher hardness.

Common wood wax oils on the market now mostly use lower-cost paraffin and synthetic waxes. However, paraffin wax and beeswax have a common disadvantage, that is, the melting point is relatively low, and the heat resistance is relatively poor, and it is easy to dissolve when the temperature is high. Therefore, such wood wax oil has low cost and average quality. Of course, this wood wax oil is better than wood oil and tung oil. Because wood oil has only grease, no film-forming material, and poor wear resistance and weather resistance; tung oil is highly viscous and easily stained with ash, which is not easy to dry. Wood wax oil has strong permeability, wax film, relatively good waterproof and weather resistance, and is suitable for indoor and outdoor wood products.

Carnauba wax is also a kind of natural wax, which has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, high hardness and corrosion resistance. It is not easy to melt at a high temperature of 90 ° C, and also has strong waterproof and wear resistance. Due to the high cost, palm wax is generally only used for high-end wood wax oils. The wood wax oil made of palm wax has high hardness after film formation, and has the characteristics of wear resistance, rub resistance and scratch resistance, and is mostly used for painting and protection of indoor furniture, floors and cabinets.

In addition to using carnauba wax, outdoor high-end wood wax oil will also add some plant resins with sunscreen and anti-cracking effects to improve the sunscreen and weather resistance of outdoor wood wax oil. The wax used in wood wax oil actually has a certain matte effect, so wood wax oil generally presents a semi-matte effect. If high-end furniture wants to achieve a full matte effect, it is necessary to increase the proportion of wax emulsion in wood wax oil to reduce the gloss of wood wax oil. If you want a glossy or high-gloss effect, you need to add brightening vegetable oils and resins to the wood wax oil to increase the gloss of the wood wax oil.


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