Powder coating anti-mildew agent BJ-78

2021-10-26   Pageview:310

BJ-78 is a special anti-mold agent for putty powder and powder coating. It is temperature and acid resistant, contains retarder, light stabilizer and various anti-mold fungicides. These components complement each other to improve its fungicidal properties and provide fast and long-lasting anticorrosive and anti-mold performance, making it the most broad-spectrum anti-mold agent for putty powder, which has been widely used in the industrial field of anticorrosive and anti-mold of powder products.












Although stable free radical inhibitors have good inhibitory effects, they are difficult to montan wax fda prepare and expensive. Such inhibitors are rarely used in monomer purification, storage and transportation, and polymerization termination, and they are mainly used for kinetic research. Anti-agglomeration

Quinone inhibitors are a kind of molecular inhibitors commonly used in actual production and scientific research. They have good inhibitory effects and are one of the most widely used inhibitors for olefins and diolefins. Benzoquinone, which is commonly used in industry, can achieve the expected polymerization inhibition effect with only 0.001% to 0.1%, but the polymerization inhibition effect is different for different monomers. Commonly used quinone inhibitors include p-benzoquinone, tetrachlorobenzoquinone and anthraquinone and other monocyclic and polycyclic pyridines.

The inhibitory mechanism of quinone inhibitors is still unclear. It is generally believed that it may be the addition or disproportionation reaction between free radicals and quinone, as shown in formula (4-49). However, no matter how it is carried out, stable quinone and semiquinone free radicals are formed in the end. They cannot or are difficult to initiate monomers and will be terminated by disproportionation, self-coupling, or coupling with other free radicals.


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