Application of Tianshi Wax Additives in Printing Industry

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Water-based offset printing, pre-printing varnish: water-based polishing varnish, cigarette pack varnish, corrugated box varnish, waterproof varnish, water-based matte varnish, aluminum foil varnish, playing card varnish, water-based blister oil, water-based peelable Varnish, water-based anti-skid varnish, etc.
Flexo, wax emulsion for gravure ink: water-based paper ink, water-based pre-print ink, water-based non-woven ink, water-based plastic surface printing ink, water-based plastic woven ink, water-based decorative paper ink, etc.
Substrate Paper, aluminum foil, plastic film

The Mechanism and Function of Wax Emulsion
By choosing a reasonable combination of emulsified wax, water-based resin, additives, etc., during the rapid drying process of the coating, the wax particles quickly migrate to the surface of the coating by means of floating and ball-axis effect, forming a protective layer, thereby improving the physical properties of the coating. , Compared with irregular flake-shaped micropowder wax, emulsified wax is microscopically spherical, which has less influence on the gloss of the system, better dispersion and storage stability, and higher efficiency of coating performance improvement.
1) Surface protection to improve anti-wear, anti-scratch and anti-scratch performance
2) Through particle size control, it affects the gloss and transparency of the coating
3) Adjust the surface energy of the coating to solve the problems of hydrophobicity, adhesion and back adhesion of the coating

Wax Emulsion
L-204E-4: Soft film formation, good peeling force, high gloss, widely used in peelable varnishes.
TL-2011 series: clear appearance, good color development, can provide the best cover protection under the high-gloss system, and meet the requirements of the cigarette pack industry
TL-20140: On the premise of maintaining the gloss of the coating, it can effectively improve the wear resistance, and has strong versatility. It is a benchmark product in the water-based varnish industry.
V-2050: High solid content, pursuing the balance of wear resistance and gloss, high cost performance, reaching the performance level of similar foreign products.
PE-3045A: Very low emulsifier, choose synthetic wax with higher hardness, and dry fast.
V-815A: Large-grain wax slurry with excellent smoothness, suitable for varnish and ink with high wear resistance requirements, the product has soft luster and good stability.

TL-801A-1: The coating has high hardness, but the friction coefficient is higher than that of ordinary resins, which can reduce the slipperiness of the coating surface.
Application of anti-skid varnish such as carton and medicine package
TL-50501A50: Non-ionic waterproof wax with good compatibility, excellent water repellency and moisture resistance without affecting gloss.
TL-50503Y: Quick-drying water-repellent wax, anionic system, can provide significant water repellency for coatings used in high humidity scenarios.
TL-505B30: Low-foaming water-repellent wax, which greatly improves the foaming problem of traditional paraffin-based wax.

The products are pure water-based, green and environmentally friendly, and do not contain VOCs, all of which meet the environmental protection requirements of food contact packaging and cigarette pack industries.


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