Introduction to the use of PP screen printing color-changing ink

2022-04-13   Pageview:490

Thermochromic ink is a functional special ink that changes color with temperature changes. Generally, it is attached to the surface of the product by screen printing or spraying. It is often screen printed on PP plastic products, such as various PP daily necessities. , Stationery, fitness equipment, various packaging bottles, cosmetic packaging and so on. What aspects should we pay attention to when using PP temperature change ink?






First of all, the temperature change ink is best to be screen printed on a sheet with a smooth and bright surface. It has good adhesion to PP materials, high abrasion resistance, resistance to white electric oil and gasoline wiping, and good printing adaptability. It can be used for pad printing, and it is not easy to produce wire drawing. You can choose 150-300 mesh polyester screen printing plate (300 mesh screen printing is about 30㎡/㎏), hdpe wax emulsion for waterbased opv  it is recommended to use 65-85 degree polyurethane squeegee. If the drying method is used, it is generally natural volatilization drying (surface drying for 20 minutes, hard drying for more than 24 hours) or baking at 60℃-80℃ for 20-30min. The solvent can be selected from diluents such as cyclohexanone, 783 slow-drying water, 718 medium-drying water, and 719 fast-drying water. After the printing is completed, it is best to use an organic solvent for cleaning (such as: washing water).


1. When using temperature-changing ink for printing, due to the large surface tension of PP material, please do a test before printing.

2. For most PP and PE materials, temperature change ink can be free of treatment, but for materials with low surface tension, the substrate can be treated with PP treated water or flame treatment before printing, which can improve the adhesion of the ink. (After processing, it cannot be placed for too long before printing, which may affect the adhesion).

3. The color-changing ink is a slow-reacting fixed ink, and the adhesion test must be tested more than 24 hours after printing.

Storage conditions: 6 months at 5°C-35°C, avoid strong light exposure, and prevent contact with strong acids and alkalis.


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