Clariant 9610F Polytetrafluoroethylene Powder

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9610F is a high hardness polyethylene and PTFE copolymer microfine powder wax originally manufactured by Clariant (HOECHST) for use in a variety of coating systems and printing inks requiring improved surface gloss and feel.

Composition: Polyethylene and polytetrafluoroethylene copolymer
Appearance: White ultra-fine powder with smooth handfeel
Active content: 99.99%
Fineness: 95% less than 15 microns
Melting point: above 130℃
Fluorine content: 10%














The matting principle of the matting curing agent is based on the reaction system of two curing agents with different reactivity in the powder coating formula. Because one of the reaction systems has a large curing reaction activity and a fast reaction speed, the other reaction system has a curing reaction activity. Small, slow reaction speed, the difference in the reaction speed between the two bulging reaction systems and the compatibility between the two products, forming a microscopic surface roughness that diffuses reflection and scattering of light, and has poor reflectivity Matting coating. In the curing reaction, the two reaction systems produce an interpenetrating network structure, which is also related to the matting effect of the coating film.

Matting thorns Commonly used matting agents in powder wood coatings include wax-type matting agents and non-wax-type matting agents. Their varieties and characteristics are introduced below.

①Wax type matting agent
The wax-type matting agents commonly used in powder coatings of Ganqian include polyethylene wax, polyinternal olefin wax, polyethylene/ene copolymer wax, modified polyvinyl fluoride wax, modified aliphatic amide wax, etc. These products are supplied Merchants and product specifications include CA-6A polyethylene wax from Shanghai Huayi Chemical Auxiliary Co., Ltd.: polyethylene wax AW52 from Guangzhou Tianlong Trading Co., Ltd., polypropylene micronized wax AW03 (made in Germany), and differentiated high-density polyethylene wax Wax (made in Germany), modified polytetrafluoroethylene sand pattern wax (made in the United States); made 822 low-gloss wax from Beilaisi Chemical New Materials Co., Ltd.; polyethylene wax and modified polyamine wax from Nanjing Diandi Wax Factory: XG605W matting agent of Ningbo Nanhai Chemical Co., Ltd.: Shanghai Suoshi Chemical Co., Ltd.’s T301, T303 matting agent; Jietongda Chemical Co., Ltd.’s SA206 matting agent and SA2067 matting agent, in addition to the polyethylene wax S-379H and the Shamrock company S395N (molecular weight, hardness and melting point are different), polyethylene copolymer S 381, polypropylene copolymer S-363, etc.; German Lubrizol (LUBRIZOL) company’s pure polypropylene Lanco1394F, medium particle size polyolefin wax LancoPE1525MF, Polyolefin wax mixture Lanco 1550, pure polytetrafluoroethylene wax Lane o 1890, etc.; Ciha’s DT 3357, DT 3329-1, DT 3369 matting agent, etc.; Micro powder (MICRO POWDERS) polypropylene wax PROPYL MATTE 31.


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