When preparing a release agent, how to choose a wax emulsion?

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Release agent is a functional substance between the mold and the product. In the manufacture of model products, the release agent can improve the production efficiency and prolong the service life of the mold. Yield, and water-based mold release agent has gradually become the industry development trend.

The wax emulsion is the most important component of the release agent’s release effect, mainly because the polyurethane isocyanate in the release agent has adhesiveness, and there is obvious adhesion on the mold during release, and the wax emulsion is added to the release agent. In the middle, it will be transferred to the surface layer and contact with the mold to prevent the product from linking with the mold, thus playing the role of isolation from the mold, so that the product is well formed and the yield rate is improved.

So how to choose a acrawax c dispersion when preparing a release agent?

1. Understand the product, temperature, etc. of the mold release agent. If the temperature is high, polyethylene wax emulsion can be selected, and paraffin wax emulsion can be selected for medium and low temperature.

2. Compatibility test. In the release agent formulation, the wax emulsion can be well compatible with the whole formula, so that the release performance can be exerted. If not, the wax emulsion shows demulsification and delamination, which will affect the performance of the release agent.

3. Stability of wax emulsion products. The stability of wax emulsion products cannot reach, and it is easy to delaminate and flocculate. When the mold release agent is sprayed on the surface of the mold, it has a grainy feeling, which seriously affects the performance of the product.

Water-Based Wax Dispersion PEW-2015 Name: Wax Dispersion Model Number: PEW-2015

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