What is UV ink?

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UV (ultraviolet light curing) ink refers to the ink that uses ultraviolet light of different wavelengths and energies to polymerize the monomers in the ink binder into polymers under the irradiation of ultraviolet rays, so that the ink is formed into a film and dried. UV inks are also inks. As inks, they must have bright colors (except in special cases), good printability, and suitable curing and drying rates. At the same time, it has good adhesion, and has the characteristics of wear resistance, corrosion resistance and weather resistance. UV ink has the characteristics of selective absorption of UV light. Drying is affected by the total energy radiated by the UV light source and the distribution of light energy at different wavelengths. Under the irradiation of UV light, the UV ink photopolymerization initiator absorbs photons of a certain wavelength and is excited to an excited state to form free radicals or ions. Then through intermolecular energy transfer, the polymerized prepolymer and the light-sensitive monomers and polymers become excited states, resulting in charge transfer complexes. These complex particles are continuously cross-linked and polymerized and cured to form a film.

UV ink is an economical and efficient ink, which has covered all printing fields, but because the price is higher than that of solvent-based ink, it is generally used in high-end printing parts. UV ink varieties include UV grinding, UV freezing, UV foaming, UV creping, UV embossing, UV refraction, UV embellishment, UV light fixation, and UV varnish for special packaging printing inks.

On the printing surface of metallic mirror gloss, the drying equipment printed with UV ink is processed by UV light by means of screen printing technology, which produces a unique visual effect, which is elegant, solemn and luxurious, mainly used for middle and high-end elegant and chic packaging and printing of cigarettes, wine, cosmetics, health care products, food, medicine.

UV ink is a kind of ink without solvent, fast drying speed, good gloss, bright color, water resistance, solvent resistance and abrasion resistance. UV ink has become a relatively mature ink technology, and its pollutant emission is almost zero. The prepolymers in ordinary UV inks are generally very viscous and need to be diluted by adding active diluents. However, the diluent acrylate compounds currently used have different degrees of skin irritation and toxicity. Therefore, in the development of low-viscosity prepolymers and low-viscosity At the same time as toxic diluents, another development direction is to study water-based UV inks, that is, water and ethanol are used as diluents. Water-based UV inks have been successfully developed and applied in some printing companies.

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