The difference between water-based wood paint and traditional paint

2022-04-16   Pageview:504

Compared with previous paints, most people now choose water-based wood paints for decoration because it can fundamentally solve the problem of pollution.

Classification of water-based wood paints
1. The water-based wood paint with acrylic as the main component is mainly characterized by good adhesion and will not deepen the color of the wood;

2. The water-based wood lacquer with the composition of acrylic and polyurethane as the main component, in addition to adhering to the characteristics of acrylic paint, it also adds the characteristics of strong wear resistance and chemical resistance;

The difference between water-based wood paint and traditional paint

3. Polyurethane water-based paint has superior comprehensive performance, high fullness, paint film hardness can reach 1.5-2H, wear resistance even exceeds oil-based paint, and has obvious advantages in service life and color matching, and is a high-level product in water-based paints .

the characteristics of water-based wood paint
1. Water-based paint, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, does not contain harmful solvents such as benzene, and does not contain free TDI;

2. The construction is simple and convenient, and the common problems of oil-based paint such as bubbles and particles are not easy to appear, and the paint film feels good;

3. The paint film is plump and tough, no yellowing, excellent water resistance, no burning, and can be applied at the same time as latex paint, dispersing agent for water based paints.

the difference with traditional paint
1. From the perspective of environmental protection, water-based wood paint has absolute advantages no matter from any aspect;

2. The fullness of traditional paint is worse than that of water-based wood paint, but the yellowing resistance is not as good as the latter. Compared with the quality and performance of the two, the overall performance is the same.


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