What wax is best for car maintenance?

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There are a wide variety of car waxes on the market, including solid and liquid, high-end and mid-range, and domestic and imported options.

Due to the different properties of various car waxes, their functions and effects are also different, so you must be careful when selecting them. Improper selection will not only fail to protect the car body, but will discolor the car paint.

Under normal circumstances, it should be comprehensively considered according to the characteristics of the car wax, the new and old degree of the vehicle, the color of the car paint and the driving environment.

For high-end cars, you can choose high-end car wax; it is best to use color wax for new cars to protect the luster and color of the car body; in summer, anti-ultraviolet car wax should be used; when the driving environment is poor, it is more appropriate to use cheese wax with a prominent protective effect. For ordinary vehicles, use ordinary pearl or metallic paint series car wax. Of course, when choosing car wax, you must also consider the compatibility with the color of the car paint. Generally, dark car paint uses black, red, and green series car wax, and light-color car paint chooses silver, white, and pearl color series car wax. Detailed analysis of the characteristics and use of various car waxes for automobiles:

1. Decontamination wax

Features: 1) It has the functions of decontamination, rust removal, anti-scaling and keeping bright. 2) Restore the bright color of paint and metal surfaces.

How to use: Apply to unclean surfaces. Scope of application: car body.

Note: Do not use when the body is warm.

2. Brightening wax

Features: 1) Bright and durable, stable quality. 2) A protective film is formed on the paint surface to prevent oxidation, acid corrosion and rain erosion. 3) Make the paint surface not sticky to dust. 4) Contains color brightening agent. 5) If the paint surface is sticky and dirty, please use “decontamination wax” to remove the scale, and then apply this product.

How to use: Apply to body surface.

Scope of application: car body, various metal products, such as refrigerators and wood products.

Note: Do not use when the body is warm.

3. Protective wax

Features: 1) Based on wax. 2) Remove oil stains and asphalt. 3) Prevent rust. 4) Produce a stable, waterproof protective film.

How to use: 1) Wash the car. 2) Completely dry. 3) Shake the jar before use. 4) Spray evenly.

Scope of application: the surface and groove of the car.

Note: 1) It cannot be used on tung oil-based paint surfaces. 2) This agent is flammable.

4. Chassis Wax

Features: Suitable for paint, rubber, plastic and PVC paint. It can prevent the chassis from corrosion and the impact of gravel for a long time. It can prevent the change of surface color and achieve the effect of sound insulation and rust prevention.

How to use: Wash the chassis before use, and use a steel brush to remove rust, until it is completely clean and rust-free before spraying the agent. Shake the jar vigorously before using this agent to fully mix the chemicals inside. All use of this agent only needs 3~8kg of air compression.

Note: 1) This agent is flammable. 2) Pay attention to protect eyes, skin and respiratory system when using. 3) Can not be used on exhaust devices, brakes and springs. 4) This agent must be diluted with alcohol when used.

5, brightening mirror wax

Features: 1) This product is a high-performance nursing natural wax containing carnauba and polycarbonate. 2) It has extremely strong penetration to the paint surface, micronized polishing wax bangalore india , the gloss is like a mirror, and it can be maintained for a long time, which can effectively care for the car paint surface.

How to use: Apply to body paint.

Scope of application: It is suitable for paint surface care after polishing and refurbishment of new cars and old cars.

Note: Both manual waxing and machine waxing are acceptable.

Micronized Polishing Wax Twax-0507 Name: Micronized Polishing Wax Model Number: Twax-0507 Chemical Composition: Oxidized polyethylene wax

6. Antistatic wax

Features: 1) This product is a spray type polishing care wax. 2) It can prevent the generation of static electricity on the paint surface and minimize the adsorption of static electricity on dust and oil.

How to use: Apply to body paint.

Scope of application: Suitable for the care of car paint, leather, plastic and chrome surfaces.


7, colored wax

Features: 1) It is divided into five colors, such as red, blue, green, gray, and black. 2) For cars of different colors, the corresponding color wax is used to modify the paint surface and cover slight scratches.

How to use: Apply to body surface.

Scope of application: Suitable for all kinds of car paint surfaces.


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