What is the difference between PUR hot melt adhesive VS ordinary hot melting adhesive

2022-05-01   Pageview:375

The hot melting glue is widely used, and is generally used in the bonding and fit of various products. What is more common is a PUR hot melting glue. So what is the difference between this PUR hot melting glue and ordinary hot melting glue?










Ordinary hot melting glue is a wide type of glue. PUR hot -melt glue is one of the types of glue. The general hot melting glue is heated after heating and fit. Plugs, and PUR is a kind of humid -type hot melting glue, which is also heated, but after fit, PUR hot -melt glue will react with the humidity in the air. ), wax additives manfacturer So the high temperature and low temperature resistance of PUR hot melting glue are better.

The characteristic of PUR hot melting glue is that the internal agglomeration strength is high and the bonding strength is high. High temperature and low temperature performance is good, and the performance is far beyond ordinary thermal melt glue.

The difference between the two is mainly to use equipment and storage environment and methods. Pur hot melting glue must be isolated to avoid contact with the air because it reacts with the water in the air. PUR hot melting glue is now a more popular screen bonding bonding agent, which is widely used in various fields. The Geer PUR hot -melt glue is mostly used for TP touch screens such as narrow bezel mobile phones, borderless mobile phones, flexible curved screen phones, etc., which have good bonding performance and can pass various test standards. And it is relatively easy to disassemble, so that it will not damage the material and cause direct scrap.


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