5 roles of micronized wax in coatings

2021-08-07   Pageview:377

Micronized wax plays an important role in coatings as an indispensable additive to improve wear resistance, slip, anti-friction and transparency.

1, Abrasion resistance, anti-scratch, anti-scuff wax is distributed on the surface of the coating to protect it from scratches and scuffs and to provide abrasion resistance. Generally, modified hydrocarbon wax and PTFE waxes are added, which are particularly effective for dark flat formulations and low gloss sanding formulations.

2, Degassing. Due to the small molecules on the surface of powder coated substrates, especially in porous substrates such as cast iron, cast aluminum, and zinc based substrates, these waxes address coating defects such as pores, bubbles, and depressions caused by the above substrates.

3, Gloss control. Wax additives are generally required for matting and gloss retention in coatings, as the wax floats to the surface of the coating during baking and forms a mist, which has the effect of reducing gloss.

4, Smoothness. Micronized wax, all have the effect of improving the smoothness and increasing the storage stability of the coating. Micronized wax can do not produce thought and smoke in the baking process, more conducive to environmental protection.

5, Reduce particles and anti-handprint. People have the following problems when producing powder containing metal powder, pearl powder, etc.

1) After adding more metal powder amount, the powder will have particles, and the amount of charge will be reduced. Adding certain post-mixing wax will obviously improve such effect.

2) Due to the flash silver formula after a period of time, sensitive to human hand sweat, there will be a loss of light, the surface of the handprint can not be removed and other phenomena. Add a small amount of micronized wax and other post-mix, will be improved.


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